Mayor Valdivia’s latest scandal

Another day, another scandal for San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia.
This time, it’s over a planned “VIP” reception organized by the mayor using public funds.
Last week, it was revealed that Valdivia planned to hold a reception on June 15, …

What was the first radio station in Riverside County?

Periodically, people write with questions about some aspect of local history.
An early advertising postcard for radio station KPRO, Riverside County’s first commercial station, is pictured. (Courtesy of Steve Lech)
Often, they are relatively simple. However, a few months ago, …

When buying a home, the devil is in the details

One of the contingencies written into the Residential Purchase Agreement in California is Section 13 – Title and Vesting.
It specifies:
“Title is taken in its present condition subject to all encumbrances, easements, covenants, conditions, restrictions, rights and other matters, …